Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I'm amused that the Wallpaper Now! video clip is played nearly four times as often as Time/Fireflies on my Myspace page. It's not even that people are playing one, thinking it sucks and then choosing to not play the other. If that were the case, you'd think Time/Fireflies would be the one with more plays, since that's the first one on the list.

Nope, it's probably because the word "Nazi" is in the description for Wallpaper Now! People love Nazis.

Oh, by the way, I'm at ACME tonight (Tuesday). One night only this week -- a fill-in show. Kjell Bjorgen is headlining. If you work in hospitality, bring a pay stub and you can get in free. Cold comfort for the hell that is working in hospitality, but at least it's something.

Also, it's Mardi Gras tonight. I'll bring the beads.

Fat Tuesday is ostensibly a chance to indulge in all your vices the night before Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. However, I think one could argue that the people who will be out partying tonight are the least likely to go in for the smudge-fest tomorrow. Oh sure, they might have dirt on their forehead, but it won't have gotten it at church.

Don't you think that if you participate in Mardi Gras, you should be required to also go to church the next day? Of course, you couldn't prove you were going to go this year, but you could provide proof that you went last year. Then you can get as drunk and/or naked as you want without fear of arrest, provided you can show a receipt.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

It's a banner day.

My dad forwarded an email to me, and I actually agreed with everything about it. Usually, our political differences wind up with me posting something snarky like this.

Click here to see what my dad sent me today. It's a stitch (warning: sound).

The great thing is, it's by the ACLU. I wonder if my dad realizes that!