Thursday, May 08, 2014

Duck...Duck...More Ducks

Well, as we like to say in Minnnesota, this is...different.

A mama duck has built a nest and laid an egg at the front of our house. She chewed right through the security sign, even!

Here's a closer look a while later:

The egg is the white thing just a bit below her...well, her egg-laying parts. She's done her job and stepped away for a bit.

According to my research (that is, my Google-fu -, she'll lay one per day until she has a full clutch - 8-12, depending on whether she's a "renester."

She'll spend about an hour a day at the nest during the laying period, but we'll see more of her during incubation. Of course, by that time, the plants will have grown up around the nest. 

Just like Mama planned.