Thursday, June 26, 2008

Enchanted Highway

Sometimes life drops little things in your lap that make it all worthwhile. Neatorama was the source of this one for me:



I was doing a small tour of North Dakota last week. Apparently, there's an oil boom. Who knew? As best I could tell, this is the result of a combination of the high prices and improved drilling technology. All I know is I still paid $4 a gallon the whole way.

Since the routing was very gentle between the nights. I've had a chance to really explore this part of the country. One such exploration was The Enhanted Highway. The Enchanted Highway is an attempt by one man to save his dying hometown of Regent, ND through the tourism he hoped would be generated by erecting large metal art sculptures along the 30-mile road from the Interstate to his town.

This is Geese in Flight, which is visible from the Interstate. It's the largest metal art sculpture in the world. I admire the fact that the town was willing to put the "headliner" at the beginning. You can't see the House on the Rock from the road, right?

All along the 30 miles from the Interstate to the town, there are gigantic metal sculptures. I think my favorite was Grasshopper's Delight

I listened to a audio documentary about the project. The creator of The Enchanted Highway had (and still has) big dreams. He's talking about a theme park, a motel, a RV park, a dinner theatre and a cafe. At present, they've got So far, they have two gift shops in Regent, one of which has a panini grill (with wi-fi, no less), but the theme park remains limited to this playground next to Grasshopper's Delight:

Yes, that's a bouncy grasshopper. You can't quite tell from this picture, but it's already seen better days:

There's a lot more along the road. Alas, my phone/camera battery was running low, so I don't have much more in the way of pics. However, if you go to the The Enhanted Highway site, there's a wealth of them there. Enjoy!

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